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Helical high finned tubes, supplied by USEL Tubular Division, are used to manufacture and repair air-cooled heat exchangers - and they have been for the last 60 years.

Finned tubes with applied fins are manufactured by wrapping a fin around the base of the tube - providing the required characteristics for the process application.

Types of helical high finned tubes:

Extruded Fins

Tubes with extruded fins provide complete protection to the base of the tube as they are hardened during the extrusion process - making them stronger than applied fins.
Upper temperature limit: 350°C
Tube Material: Any standard material we stock or is requested
Fin Material : Aluminium


L Fin (or wrapped fin)

The extruded fin tube is wrapped around the tube and secured at each end to provide some surface protection. L Fin tubes are renowned for maximum heat transfer and enhanced corrosion protection - suiting moderate temperature cooling applications. 
Upper temperature limit: 120°C
Tube Material: Any standard material we stock or is requested
Fin Material : Aluminium or Copper

LL Fin (or Overlapped Fin)

The fin is wrapped around the tube with an overlapping foot and secured at each end. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and is often used as an alternative for expensive extruded fins in corrosive environments.
Upper Temperature limit: 180°C
Tube Material: Any standard material we stock or is requested
Fin Material : Aluminium or Copper

G Fin Tube (or Embedded Fin)

Fin is embedded into the outer wall of the tube, but gives no surface protection. The finned tube is used in general use for continuous process applications; ie refineries, petrochemical, fertilizer and gas plants.
Upper temperature limit: 450°C
Tube Material : Harder material (Please contact us for guidance) 
Fin Material : Aluminium , Copper or steel

KL Fin (or Knurled L fin)

The KL finned tube is manufactured like the ‘L fin’ only the fin is wrapped around the tube and the foot is rolled into the outer surface of the pre knurled tube. KL finned tubes give good surface protection to the tube and improve heat transfer.
Upper Temperature limit: 250°C
Tube Material: Any standard material we stock or is requested
Fin Material : Aluminium or Copper


Get a quote for helical high finned tubes

To obtain a rapid quotation for finned tubes, please specify:

  •  Number of pieces required
  • Tube: diameter, thickness, length, material
  • Fin: type, material, spacing, thickness, height, unfinned end lengths
  • Delivery requirements

Need to discuss your needs in further detail? Feel free to call us on 0191 587 1777 today for friendly, practical advice.

Order helical high finned tubes

Once you have received your quote for helical high finned tubes, email us at [email protected]. We make sure all tubes are manufactured to the highest quality and priced competitively to ensure you receive the best value for your money.

Fast, efficient delivery of helical high finned tubes

We pride ourselves on delivering products quickly and safely, to a location of your choice, so you needn’t worry about helical high finned tubes arriving in plenty of time. Here at USEL Tubular Division, we offer an additional emergency delivery service to ensure rapid supply.

Our team are always on hand to help - even out of hours. When it comes to emergency repairs and maintenance, call us on our out of hours contact numbers - 07590 996953 or 07525 176930.


Our management system and procedures are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 by QMS International plc. The comprehensive quality assurance accreditations of our production mills ensure that the products supplied are fully in accordance with the highest industry standards.

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  • Heat Exchanger Fabrication/Repair Industry
  • Oil Refineries
  • Petrochemical/Chemical Plants
  • Fertiliser Production Plants
  • Power Generating Stations
  • Steel Production Plant Furnaces and cooling sections
  • Metals Smelting Facilities
  • Gas Separation,Compression and distribution plant
  • Marine Engine cooling repair and maintenance
  • Offshore Production Platforms

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